Vale Bruce Charles Morison OAM


  1. Please pass on our condolences to the family. Bruce will be watching over the Woni paddlers now. We will listen for his reply….wiggle wiggle…
    Yvette Graf, Southside Paddlers.

  2. I was really saddened to hear of Bruce’s passing. I’ll always remember him as a very friendly and caring person who was incredibly passionate about sharing his love and experience of paddling to new members . When I first started paddling the Wonny I really appreciated Bruces encouragement and unfaltering desire to help carry my boat up from the beach after a paddle! He was like that with a lot of people – a real gentleman who epitomised the spirit of friendliness and caring that is the hallmark of the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club. Rest in peace old mate!!!

  3. Author

    May he rest in peace, we will miss him, but we will never forget his kindness nor his interest in making life fun and enjoyable for those around him. With Joan he made a joy of paddling and paddling a joy. Thank you Bruce.
    -Monica Boerma

  4. Author

    too sad for words

    Kerrie & Tom

  5. My heart is so sad today – Joan rang me with the news of Bruce’s passing. I met Joan and Bruce near the Penrith River Bridge where they “convinced” me to get into a Canoe and a Kayak for the first time in 1956. Paddle another “100 miler” Bruce – Rick and Jack will paddle with you in “Firebird”. So many memories. Thank you for being you.
    My love and thoughts are with you Joan from here at Lake Macquarie.

  6. On behalf of the family your comments are heartfelt and uplifting thank you for those who visited dad whilst he was in hospital, please join us on the 2nd to celebrate a life lived well,unselfish and above all shared with all people we are so very proud of him

  7. All these great photos o the Google Group showing Bruce in all his glory and one thing is common to almost all of them, Joan.

    When I told Jimmy Walker (my Coach and someone that Bruce and Joan made an impression in his younger days) before our training session on Tuesday morning that Bruce had passed away he told the others in our group they were the perfect couple that none of us could replicate. They are everything together. He was not wrong, Bruce and Joan to me and others are like Bonny & Clyde, it’s just not right without the other there.

    The Wonnie will never be the same again.

  8. I lost my kayaking mentor and friend yesterday. Bruce Morrison, it has been a great pleasure to have paddled with you and the advice you gave me stays with me forever. May youy rest in peace. My deepest sympathy and condolence to the Morrison family.
    The followong day I lost another friend, an instructor that ran the Bondi Beach Taekwon-Do centre. Victor Martin, RIP, I hope you have found what you always wanted positively in the US.
    I miss both my friends so much I am lost for words.

  9. Bruce’s love and passion for the sport and life was infectious and while his long paddle might be over, his spirit will stay with us each time our blades hit the water.

    Thinking of you, Joan, and those close to you both.

    Love the Foxes

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