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  1. Dear Joan, Helen and I remember very well the 1993 Murray Marathon where we paddled closely with you and Bruce, right to the end. We still have the photos you took of us at the finish. Your friendship and assistance has been a highlight of our paddling for the last 25 years. Our very best wishes are with you always.

    David & Helen Tongway
  2. Mrs Joan Morrison what a lady? Certainly not the type that is stereotyped for someone living past the 7th & 8th decades of their lives.

    One great competitive lady, not sure if I would have liked to have had compete with her in her glory days, I reckon there would have been a fair few guys in the world of kayaking and canoeing who would have been given a lesson from Joan.

    I remember after doing the Hawkesbury in 2012 and after going close to breaking 12 hours, I was packing up and getting changed and here is Joan & Richard completing it in the TK2. I congratulated her as Bruce was giving her a hug and wandered off to finish packing up.
    The very next day I get a phone call from Joan, no hello Grant just “you have to go faster, even I beat you!” Joan and Richard had beat my time by a couple of minutes and Joan was rubbing it in 🙂 . It was soon followed by Joan’s great laugh.

    I will end this as I started, Mrs Joan Morrison you are one great lady.

    Grant, Rachelle & Tayla Mascord

  3. I hope you get back to paddling.

    Tony Bond

  4. Thanks to Steve and his knowledge of IT, I get the opportunity to say hi, and send my best wishes. Sunday’s are not quite the same when you are not there to ask questions.
    Love MERLE.

  5. Thankyou Joan for the support, encouragement and friendship you (and Bruce) have given me over the years. We did not paddle together too often as you were always selflessly giving up your time to make newcomers to the club feel welcome and giving them their basic training. I do however remember our Nepean Gorge trip with Peter Tuziak and others. Please be assured we all love and admire you and, of course, wish you good luck.
    Your friend, Narelle

  6. Dear Joan,
    I remember the first time that I met you, at the Hawkesbury Classic in 2011. Your excitement at seeing a “proper” canoe was almost tangible. As you and Bruce told stories of your paddling adventures I was both amazed and also distracted – I almost forgot that I was about to paddle a marathon! It was an incredible pleasure to finally spend a day on the water with you at the SSCC – thank you so much for sharing your passion and your knowledge with us. I hope that you find peace in the knowledge that there are a growing number of us keeping the cause alive and spreading the joy of the single blade.
    With much love and admiration,
    Travis Frenay (Paddle & Portage Canoes)

  7. Joan, you have been such an inspiration to us all, especially in sharing your passion and advice on paddling whether it be Hawkesbury, marathon or sprint. You’re certainly on top of competition results as well, and the first to give a “well done” to the participant when you see them. That’s how club spirit is built. Joan, you’ve been through tough times lately, but you’re a tough cookie. Keep fighting. David Little.

  8. Hi Joan,
    Ross and I have only known you for a few years, but you and Bruce will stay in our hearts forever, with your passion and caring nature, not just with paddling but with life itself, Thanks Joan.
    Love Robyn, Ross and family xx

  9. Dear Joan,
    Sorry to hear that you are still not well since we last spoke to you in February.
    We have been caravanning again since mid Feb and are currently in Victoria.
    Our thoughts & prayers are with you.
    We will never forget you & Bruce and you enthusiasm for life and nature – that Shoalhaven River camping trip in 2011 was memorable.
    Best wishes.
    Grahame & Emilia

    Emilia & Grahame Eling
  10. Hi Joan,
    Sorry to hear you’re not doing well.
    Just want to thank you for inspiring me to do 4 Hawkesbury’s – I still want to do the 5th – but I’ll never make your record!
    We both treasure memories of time with you & Bruce.
    Best wishes & lotsa love
    Tom & Kerrie

  11. Dear Joan
    Since meeting you & Bruce some time ago through a mutual friend in David Armytage, your personality , character & wealth of experience in the paddling world has rubbed off & inspired myself & many others to do more. Hope to see you soon.

  12. Dear Joan. You’ve been my strength and inspiration not just in kayaking but in doing what is right and just. You and Bruce opened up a new world for Peter and me when you insisted we get into kayaks and the club. We love you both for ever

  13. Hi Joan

    you do know that it was your friendly welcome along with Bruce that encouraged me to join the club – and look – 14 years later I am still hanging about!!
    I have even join Lane Cove after moving north & have no trouble still coming regularly to Sutherland Paddlers – thanks for your encouragement
    Thanks also for your thoughts and support over our tough time with my dad – the kindness from yourself and Bruce meant an enormous amount to our family
    We are grateful to all your enormous efforts to the club
    Dianne, Anna & Tom

  14. Hi Joan,
    The memories of past lazy days on the Wonnie and yours and Bruce’s instruction in the art of paddling are still with me wherever I go on the water. Mad race days with Luke in double sea kayaks, broken rudders, bandaged hands and your guidance to get me through my first Hawkesbury still resonate and bring a smile to my face-Best wishes and lotsa affection- Graham

  15. Joan, we sure miss your presence at the club. Knowing you are not feeling the best we wish you a speedy recovery and the opportunity to join with us down at the club soon.
    John and Jan Eades.

  16. It was an eye opener for me as a novice in kayaking when I joined your SSCC more than 14 years ago. You have taught me tirelessly and without complaint with all my questions asked. You and Bruce are an inspiration to me both in kayaking and life.

    I would not have been able to complete my first Hawkesbury CC without your support and advice. I also remember paddling along side with you and Bruce in one of the HCC and you told me to go ahead with all my might. Every stroke I paddled with your words of encouragement in my mind invigorated me through to the finishing line.

    Many thanks and warmest regards,
    Chee and family.

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