45th Annual General Meeting Minutes


Minutes: I.McGuinness

Rowland Jones, Merle Lovelock, Alister Rowe

Meeting commenced at 10:45 am with apologies noted and last year’s minutes accepted by Grant Mascord and seconded by Deb. Buchan

Current Club President Steve Dawson reported that the club was going very well.
Since Steve was elected 3 years ago as Club President, the club membership had grown from approximately 40 members to 100.
Steve thanked the club committee for the work they had done over the past 12 months.
The Club had also included Dolls Point Paddlers in 2016/7.
The Club has also purchased hardware in 2017 to assist in the education and opportunities for new members.
The purchases included 2 sea kayaks, 4 skis and a club trailer(due shortly).
The Club President recognized Liz Swanton for her continuing efforts in securing publicity for the club.
After reading his annual report, the Club President stood aside to allow elections for new committee members into 2017/8 to go ahead.

Unfortunately, the club treasurer was unable to attend, however, the 2016 Club President gave a summary of the Club’s financial position.
The Club has approximately $15K in cash(minus outgoings). The Marathon brought in approximately $2K, and the marathon was deemed the most successful in the series.
John Eades will finalise his Treasurers report shortly.


Club Officers 2017/18
Role Appointed Nominated Passed
President John Denyer Annette Matthews
Deb Buchan
Vice President Robyn Bingle Deb Buchan yes
Janet Small Kaye Laurendet yes
Secretary Ian McGuinness Jeff Buchan
John Mollard
Treasurer Deb Buchan Steve Dawson
Annette Matthews

Club Volunteers 2017/18
Role Volunteer
Rostering Annette Matthews
Catering Officer Carolyn Cooney
Annette Matthews
Uniform Officer Greg Archibald
Social Trip Organiser Jeff Buchan
First Aid Alison Rowe
Coralie Burns
Building Maintenance Albert Grantham
Greg Archibald
Greg Robinson
Delegates to Paddle NSW Deb Buchan
Jeff Buchan
Boat Maintenance Bert Laurendet
Steve Dawson
Ross Bingle
Peter Faherty
Time Trial Kaye Laurendet
Steve Dawson
Publicity Liz Swanton
Steve Dawson
Training/Coaching Grant Mascord
Steve Dawson
Dolls Point Liaison Robyn Bingle
Marathon Co-ordinator Committee
Harbour Series Co-ordinator Committee



  1. Membership Fees:  It was voted unanimously to keep club fees as is. Memberships for 2018 are now due.
  2. Introduction of Committee Roles for key activities. Discussed and Accepted
  3. Review Marathon Event
    1. Jetski interference during race near Deepwater Estate. SES to have the Maritime Safety contact number. A jetski group have offered to patrol events in a safety role. Maritime Safety have also volunteered to be present.
    2. Paddlers racing without PFDs. The club and race coordinator are responsible for meeting the conditions of the aquatic licence. The AL has precedence over both the series rules and maritime regulations. As such we should have disqualified any paddler on the water without a PFD. Recommend a check at marshalling prior to the start and at key points such as safety boats and portage.
    3. Parking/Toilets all good.
    4. Suggested to get more soft drinks for sale.
  4. Xmas Party Venue and Date Has been suggested to look at Club Kirrawee. Robyn to investigate dates.
  5. All at Sea Will require a volunteer to put some time in to organize with Mark and Rob. Further discussion required.
  6. Club 45th Anniversary Committee to discuss further
  7. Discussion of defib unit/First Aid Kit Alison will review our current kit. Alison to get prices and details for First aid kit and defib and send to committee. The discussion around defib kit will need more investigation.
  8. Morison Cup Discussion Committee to discuss options later
  9. Club T-Shirts Have been priced and designed. Cotton shirts. Greg will commence purchase on behalf of club, which will retain a stock and on-sell to members. Coralie has offered to assist in the design
  10. Grant is available for training role from Oct/Nov 2017

Meeting closed at 11:30