WANTED – “Toro” TC2 Canoes


Any “Toro” TC2 Canoe

 aka “The Planter Box” or “Yankee Racer”

If you have one of these canoes with the distinctive reverse bow taking up space in your clubrooms, garage, or under your deck, we are interested in buying them to race Toro against Toro in the Great Toro Race on April 14th.

Don’t expect to retire to the Gold Coast on the amazing windfall, they’re 30 years old and are infamous for always turning left. We want as many Toros as we can find, so this is your best chance to turn an old canoe into a few dollars.

If you think you have one, contact steve@shirekayaking.info

If you other old composite canoes (Harrison, Barker, NatureLine, Gregory, etc) in your clubrooms, drop us an email. We might be interested.


Download flyer as a PDF or as an image file