2018 Time Trial 1

There was a somber start to the 2018 Time Trial on Sunday following the news that Alan Voges had passed away earlier in the week.

The race started with Alan being given the one minute call to the start line and the entire club stood, heads bowed in silence, until we blew the whistle and sent him on his way. God speed, dear friend.

The junior races lead off the day with three entries. Lachlan Stokes made his first appearance in the time trial and Amelia paddled for her first solo race. They were joined by 2017 champion Ashley for the 1km.

Lachlan came home first in a new junior course record time of 7min 4sec. The added challenge was incentive for Ashley to post a PB of 7min 18sec, breaking his own course record by 6secs. Amelia put in a fine performance as the youngest paddler of the trio, coming across the line in 10min 26sec.

Out on the open course, the conditions were challenging with tide and wind running against each other.

The event saw some paddlers come out of retirement to wet their paddles in memory of Alan.

There were also some new paddlers and new combos which will need to be watched carefully over the season ahead.

It was great to see two of the juniors, Lachlan and Ashley doing their second race of the day in the 5 km open event. Both did well, finishing in the top five across the line.

The winners on the day were the new combo of Greg Archibald and John Mollard posting a time of 28m03s, just beating Lachlan across the line and depriving him of his second win of the day.

Lachlan was closely followed by Ashley.

The unlikely combo of the day, Robin and Kristy finished third, despite Andrew Gs adamant predictions that they would not and could not beat him. He was only wrong by two and a half minutes,

Fastest boat of the day was the other new combo of Kate and Peter, out to prove to Steve and an injured Gareth that they are the true engines in the Dawson and Hobbit teams respectively. They looked great on the water posting a time of 25m46s in tough conditions, although Peter looked a little worse for wear at the finish line having worked hard to match Kate’s racing cadence.

The weather was the biggest winner of the day scoring three swimmers (that the time keepers saw), two race numbers and an Apple Watch. Mick was eliminated passing the officials on the way to the island when a freak wind wave swamped his boat, leaving him to swim to shore, assisted by Gareth who had been playing mother for the two juniors. He was soon joined in the water by Jeff and Lis who were obviously keen to cool down after finishing the race.

Next race is March 25th.


Round 9 Junior (1km) Results
Place Name Time PB Improvement
1 Lachlan (1K) 7:04.8
2 Ashley (1K) 7:18.7 0:08
3 Amelia (1K) 10:26.7
Round 9 Open Results
Place Name Time PB Improvement*
1 John Mollard & Greg Archibald 28:03.1
2 Lachlan Stokes 44:36.6
3 Ashley Dicker 45:42.2
4 Robyn Bingle & Kristy Benjamin 27:01.6
5 Ian & Sue McGuinness 29:51.2
6 Deb Buchan 32:09.2
7 Janine Wassens 29:58.1
8 John Denyer 28:15.6
9 Bruce Sherlock & Janet Small 28:53.9
10 Mark Sundin 28:54.0
11 Andrew Giardini 29:32.9
12 Kate Dawson & Peter Faherty 25:46.8
13 Jeff Buchan 27:26.6
14 Una Curley 41:35.6
15 Lis O'Farrell 36:49.7
16 Dianne Langan 41:14.5
17 Alistair Rowe 39:07.2
18 Darren Paillard 31:51.4
19 Kevin Nettle 38:17.2
20 Bert Laurendet & Rod Berry 42:08.0
21 Annette Mathews 43:18.6
DNF Mick Rees -

*There are no PB’s for the open series as the results reset for the new year

It seems that there was as much competition between the photographers on Sunday as there was on the water…

Photos by Frank Pancer

Photos by Alison Parkes

Photos by Brad Whittaker