How do I register for the marathon?

PaddleNSW have introduced a new registration system for the 2018 season. They’ve adopted WebScorer, the same system that we use at SSCC for our time trials.

The new system means that the links we used to find the race calendar and registration in previous years have changed, so here’s a quick guide to the WebScorer system.

One way to find a race entry is

  1. Go to
  2. Click find races
  3. Find registrations
  4. Then use the map to find paddling events near you.

That will get you there, but there are some shortcuts you can use

The Shortcuts

PaddleNSW acts as an organiser, so you can go to their [Organiser Page]. From there, you’ll see a block of options on the right hand side of the organiser info. These change depending on which detail page you are viewing. The default shows the results for finalised races. The organiser page link always stays the same and displays the published results so you can bookmark it.

[View Start Lists] will take you to a page showing who registered for each of the past events – it’s not very useful

[View Registrations] will take you to the races that are currently open for registrations. This link always remains the same you can book mark it if you want.

From [View Registrations] you can navigate to individual races and this is where you enter an event. Every race link is unique, so there’s no point in book marking this link. It’s different for every event. But it is the one to send somebody if they’re asking how to find the registration page.

From the event page, you can click on confirmation list, which will take you to the list of confirmed entries, so you can see who will be racing. Again, it’s a link that changes every race, so there’s no point book marking it.


Here’s the link to [PaddleNSW organiser page in WebScorer] which is where you can find results, upcoming races, and registrations

Here’s the link to the [open event registrations]

Here’s a link to the [March 17 race at Woronora] which will change for the next race.

Here’s the link to the [next race at Tacoma]