All At Skis – a Jibbon adventure

Pics from Bonnie Vale to Jibbon (the big adventure !)

I’m sure someone will write up a good story about the 19 SSCC adventurers who paddled their skis (and the Club Skis) from Bonnie Vale to Jibbon, and back, on the last Saturday morning in March. But in the meantime, here’s a few images from the journey.

Big “thanks” to the three Team Leaders (Robyn, John & Jeff)……who found out first hand that leading, and being responsible for a group  of paddlers on the water, is not as easy as it may seem !

And a huge “thanks” to Ross, for collecting the club skis, loading the trailer, and bringing them over to Bonnie Vale, ensuring that everyone had a ski to paddle for the day. And, after all that, loading them all back up again and taking them back to the clubhouse.

Can’t wait for the next ‘adventure’ and to see who puts their hand up to be a ‘leader’ next time !!

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  1. Thanks also to Ross for fixing the steering on my ski when we stopped at Jibbon. We had a fabulous morning on Port Hacking and it was great to see the club skis leave the Woronora river and enjoy catching a few little waves. We couldn’t have asked for more sparkling weather for our club trip.
    Thank you to the leaders, including Bob, for organising the trip and for looking after us.

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