Counting Game

If you haven’t filled out the survey form, here’s the link

Responses are the number of people who have answered the survey. It be great if we could get to 27,000. Boats are the total number of kayaks, canoes, SUPs and other boats they’ve nominated.


What sort of boats are most popular? For the Church of the Double Bladed Paddle, you’d expect it to be kayaks.


Total number of boats by type. Again, kayaks are to be expected

Types of boats by country


What are the interests of the group?

Interested in how that would break down by country?


What countries are people coming from (you would be surprised how painful it has been to get this cleaned up. How many different ways can you say United States? Answer: 18)

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In answer to that great question of life. How many boats does the average paddler have? I think some of you are letting the side down.

This world map is a bit experimental and I’m not sure if it will automatically update…


  1. You can see Steve has completed the survey. Australia has the most boats so far.

    1. Author

      I actually put it down to Owen

  2. I see that the United States is identified as three different countries. I think mine is the 1 “United States of America.”
    Thank you!

    1. Author

      I’ll sort them out tomorrow

    2. Its up to 9 different versions of the USA. oops… sorry about that.

  3. Thanks for doing this- great job!

  4. Well done Steve. Interesting stats.

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