Massive Murray Paddle GPS Tracks 2018

Here are the MMP50 2018 GPS tracks from team #111 “The Dawsons”.

Kate and Steve Dawson paddled a Sladecraft SLR2 in Mixed Vet 40+ RKL2 (Victorian for LongRec2) and came second on time and second on handicap in a combined time of 29:10:23, breaking the previous record by 56 minutes.

This is a very tight track and cuts all of the corners that were available in 2018 when the river was quite high.

You can download the individual GPX files. They are free to use. We take no responsibility for damage that occurs from cutting corners or following these tracks. The river changes constantly and we hit a number of snags which could easily have holed our boat.

Day Start Finish Plan Km Actual Km Time Avg Speed GPX
Day 1 Yarrawonga Tocumwal 93km 87.6km 6:29:59 13.5kph link
Day 2 Tocumwal Picnic Point 94km 88.3km 6:38:34 13.3kph link
Day 3 Picnic Point Echuca 78km 75.2km 5:39:28 13.3kph link
Day 4 Echuca Tocumwal 62km 57.6km 4:44:35 12.1kph link
Day 5 Murrabit Swan Hill 77km 71.0km 5:37:46 12.6kph link
Total 404.0km 379.7km 29:10:22 13.0kph