PaddleNSW Marathon 2019 Round 4 / State Doubles Championships

Race Report: Gareth Stokes

Last weekend saw the 4th round of the PaddleNSW Marathon series hosted by Lane Cove River Kayakers. The event was the feature doubles round and was also the State doubles Championships. For the division 1 Paddlers the distance was extended to 25km with the other divisions remaining at their usual distances. 

The doubles round is a great opportunity to get some new pairings together as there is no ranking race required. Sutherland Shire Canoe Club had a great turn out with 22 paddlers with 9 double boats. 

With approximately 220 paddlers entered on the day the area near the club house was fairly congested but the efficient organisation of LCRK had us marshalling our boats in clearly marked division areas. The weather was a tad cool early on but the sun broke through and it   ended up being hot out there on the water during the race

Ross had made some of his patented drink tube holders and presented some before the race.

Each division was called out in starting order to make their way to the pontoon where helpers were there to assist getting into boats. There was Ross again kindly helping out at the pontoon

The course setup was a 10km loop from the club pontoon and heading towards the city. The 5km turn is where the pictures are taken with the Harbour Bridge in the background. We had low tide at the start of the race with the flow increasing throughout the race. It also meant there are some shallow sandbar sections that a bit of local knowledge helps navigat

I was entered with Pete in div 2 but Pete unfortunately got a paper cut and couldn’t make it ( Jokes – he’s really sick ). So I lined up in div 3 in Alan Voges Vajda K1 with Matt Sheather and the Buchan’s. Our training sessions with Bob definitely helped with the start and I found myself with the lead pack of 4 doubles and 1 single ski. It turned out to be a rough ride and I lost he pack at the 12km mark. Matt caught and passed me whilst yelling encouragement at me and we had a friendly battle all the way home. We finished only 10 seconds apart in the end and stuffed with Deb and Jeff not far back but finishing strongly

After the race LCRK put on a big BBQ and at the presentation the State singlets were presented to the NSW representatives for the upcoming Nationals in Perth. The day was a terrific format that encouraged a lot of new people to enter including approximately 40 juniors

It was great to see the new pairings 

Dianne and Adrian in div 10 in Rowlands SLR2

The always smiling Dianne

Carl and Brant in div 10 in the club TK2,

Word is that the boys were blitzing it but stopped at the 5km turning buoys to work out which way to go. With a bit of work on the timing watch out for these two.

Bruce and Andrew in div 8 in Bruce and Janet’s V8 double ski,These guys did a great time in a boat more suited to a bit of rough.

Louise and Nikki in div 9 in the Hobbit Supersonic. 

The secret training in the Supersonic must have worked with the girls getting home dry. I can sense a Hawkesbury combination here.


Lachlan and Annabella in div 9 in a Cronulla Sutherland Club K2.

Lachie defected to Cronulla for this race due to using the Cronulla K2 with Annabella. They did great in what is a very tippy boat and big thanks to Peter Dorsman for spending the time to get the boat back to running order after not being used for many years. 

 Rafferty in div 11 in the Flash and getting a promotion to div 10

Lis and Janet in div 10 in the Expedition Boost


Robyn and John in div 4 in the SL2 did a lot of work behind the scenes to encourage the team boats



Sue and Ian in div6 in the SLR2. Leading the race at this stage.


Jen and Kim in div 10 in the C2 going hard at it.

Deb and Jeff in div 3 on their way to a fighting finish in the Boost Double.

Did you just see what I saw B1 said B2



Kevin in div 11 on his Zen


Ian Purves in div 9 in another Supersonic



Matt in div 3 on the Carbonology Pulse



Me in Div 3 






Team name




Gareth Stokes

Sutherland Shire

Div 3 20km 1:45-1:50



Matt Sheather

Sutherland Shire

Div 3 20km 1:45-1:50



Deb Buchan and Jeff Buchan

Sutherland Shire

Div 3 20km 1:45-1:50



Robyn Bingle and John Denyer

Sutherland Shire

Div 4 20km 1:50-1:55



Sue and Ian Mcguinness

Sutherland Shire

Div 6 20km 2:00-2:10



Andrew Giardini and Bruce Sherlock

Sutherland Shire

Div 8 15km



Annabella Dorsman and Lachlan Stokes

Cronulla Sutherland

Div 9 10km Under 1:00



Ian Purves and Warren Lopez


Div 9 10km Under 1:00



Louise Vandergraaf and Nikki Burrow

Sutherland Shire

Div 9 10km Under 1:00



Dianne Langan and Adrian Di Cesare

Sutherland Shire

Div 10 10km 1:00-1:04



Carl Vandergraaf and Brant Burrow

Sutherland Shire

Div 10 10km 1:00-1:04



Janet Small and Lis Woodhart O’farrell

Sutherland Shire

Div 10 10km 1:00-1:04



Jennifer Tjoe and Kim Navera

Sutherland Shire

Div 10 10km 1:00-1:04



Rafferty Sheather

Sutherland Shire

Div 11 10km 1:04-1:08



Kevin Nettle

Cronulla Sutherland

Div 11 10km 1:04-1:08




Congratulations to our medal winners in the Doubles State Championships Categories  



Thanks to Ian, Wade and Roddy for the pictures.



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