Transporting Your Kayak

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See this link to NSW government document Road Transport (Mass, Loading and Access) Regulation 2005 and to the later Road Transport (General) Amendment (Mass, Loading and Access) Regulation 2015 (accessed 15 Oct 2017) both of which have near identical wording

I suggest keeping a printed copy in your car. Bear in mind that the rules apply to NSW only and you may be illegally loaded in neighbouring states.

The relevant part of the latest document would appear to be on page 7 and 8 where it states:

50L Projection of loading or equipment of vehicles

Subclause(1) A person must not drive on a road::

(a) a motor vehicle (not being a motor bike or a mobile crane that is 9.5 metres or less in length) if the loading or equipment on the vehicle or any trailer drawn by the vehicle:

(i) projects more than 1.2 metres in front of the headlights of the motor vehicle if the motor vehicle is not a mobile crane, or


(iii) in the case of a vehicle not exceeding 9.5 metres in length or a trailer, projects more than 1.2 metres to the rear of the motor vehicle or trailer, except as provided by subclause (2), or


Subclause(2) It is not a contravention of subclause (1) (a) (iii) for any loading or equipment to project more than 1.2 metres to the rear of a motor vehicle or any trailer drawn by the vehicle if:

(a) the overall length of the vehicle or of the combination of vehicle and trailer, together with the loading or equipment on it, is within the relevant limit fixed by Schedule 2 to the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2007, and

(b) there is carried at the extreme rear of the loading or equipment a red flag or other suitable object, in either case not less than 300 millimetres square, and the flag or object is kept clearly visible as a warning to persons on the roadway in the near vicinity of the vehicle or trailer, and

(c) between the hours of sunset and sunrise or when there is insufficient daylight to render a person dressed in dark clothing clearly discernible at a distance of 100 metres, there is affixed at the extreme rear of the loading or equipment

(i) a lighted lamp showing a clear red light to the rear, visible under normal atmospheric conditions at a distance of 200 metres, or

(ii) not less than two reflectors capable of projecting a red reflection of light from the light of any following vehicle

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  1. Great advice. I know Expedition Kayaks has the flags with reflectors on them. I’ve always wondered about carrying a double like the SLR2

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