Where have Kim & Jenny been hiding?

Hello fellow SSCC-ers!

Kim, myself and our trusty C2 have been AWOL the past few weeks. We have been busy competing in the Australian National Dragon Boat Championships in Canberra. We were met with extremely dusty conditions, and temperamental weather – hot sun but very cold shade!!

Our club performed very well and we are pleased with our results. A long season of hard training has paid off.

Kim represented NSW Premier States Squad – the team took home a trifecta of gold medals
🥇Mixed 500m
🥇Women’s 500m
🥇Open’s 500m

We were then reunited and competed together for our club: ACCA and took home another plethora of medals
🥇Open’s 500m
🥇Mixed 500m
🥈Women’s 500m
🥈Women’s 200m
🥈Open’s 200m
🥈Open’s 2km
🥉Mixed 200m
🥉Women’s 2km

We enjoy the intensity of sprint racing, but are missing the challenge of marathons.

We are looking forward to focusing more on our C2 marathons, and having the luxury to stay around for a yarn after time trials at SSCC, without having to rush off to dragon boat training!!

See you on the water soon,
Kim and Jenny


  1. Makes me want to do it just for the sew-on badge. Well done to you both

  2. Amazing work guys congratulations!

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