Notice: Club Parking Change

This morning I met with council regarding the club’s vehicle access to the park grounds. It is clear that to date we have been very careful with regards to driving into the park to access our parking area adjacent the club. This is not in question. The issue is, as we all must appreciate, that as the park has become so popular we now have our vehicles driving through an area where people are constantly walking including small children and it may only be a matter of time before there is an incident. We are continuing to discuss long term solutions with council, however in the mean time we have been advised that from today we can only access the parking area on the Bonnet Bay side of the club via the Bonnet Bay gates. Council will ensure that our keys will suit the locks on these gates. No one is to drive past the hose down area or onto or near the concrete apron between the park and the amenities. Council is also looking to open up more parking for us in this area on the Bonnet Bay side of the club. 
Anyway I understand that this new arrangement is an inconvenience for many. unless you live in Bonnet Bay, however lets give it a go and try and work with Council to get a decent long term solution. 
See you Sunday! I will make sure the gates are unlocked for access from the Bonnet Bay side of the club.