Texas Water Safari 2019


  1. wonderful experience steve and kate i admire you both for what you have a achieved this year

  2. And that’s why we do this sort of thing; the stories!

    Couple corrections for your blurred memories though;
    1. From the start until just before Gonzales, you were on the San Marcos River. The confluence of the San Marcos and the Blanco is 5 miles after the start, with the Blanco considered the tributary.
    2. Strictly speaking, Hallucination Alley is the section below Victoria with all the switchbacks. But the hallucinations don’t know that, and they come upstream to greet you and follow you the rest of the race.
    3. The Salt Water Barrier is normally 15 miles from the finish, probably 18 this year because of having to take Traylor Cut.
    4. It is normally 6 miles from the river mouth to Seadrift (crossing San Antonio Bay, not San Marcos Bay).
    5. You might have resupplied for the last time at a boat ramp opposite the mouth of Traylor Cut (~9 miles to Seadrift). The current and tree where Traylor Cut splits off flipped several boats this year.

    See you in a future race! Full moon for the 2022 TWS!

  3. Author

    Full moon you say? I’m pretty sure somebody said it wouldl be a full moon in 2021.
    Back in the days of maps and compasses, I used to pay more attention to the details. Since the introduction of GPS tracks my attention is more limited to the river in front of me. There was even less of that with Mike and others driving the boat.
    Our last resupply stop was at Saltwater Barrier. We weren’t sure about access to the Traylor Cut resupply and we were good (relatively) to make the final run out to Seadrift.

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