Junior Time Trial

Hi Everyone,

On Sunday 25th August, (this Sunday coming), we are holding a Trial Junior Race, from the club which will be 2.5 ks.  If we receive enough interest, the idea will be  to hold one every Sunday in Term 3, most probably 6 races all up. 

There will be prizes every race, and a point score system.

The race will start at 10.00 am.  We need to run the race at this time as the people organising it will be already on the water training and will be back at the club around 9.30am. 

Please arrive early to be able to collect the kayak and paddle out of the shed to be ready to go by 10.00 am.  If the juniors are warming up on the water, which would be a good idea, please let them know to be back on the beach at 9.45 am for a briefing.

If you have any questions please email me personally  robynbingle@live.com.au, or don’t hesitate to phone me on 0417744775, after 5pm would be great.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.