This morning I met with council regarding the club’s vehicle access to the park grounds. It is clear that to date we have been very careful with regards to driving into the park to access our parking area adjacent the club. This is not in question. The issue is, as we all must appreciate, that as the park has becomeRead More →

Borrowed from Lane Cover River Kayakers Link to the original Lane Cove article See this link to NSW government document Road Transport (Mass, Loading and Access) Regulation 2005 and to the later Road Transport (General) Amendment (Mass, Loading and Access) Regulation 2015 (accessed 15 Oct 2017) both of which have near identical wording I suggest keeping a printed copy in your car. Bear inRead More →

In hindsight, this would have been a good article to write before the marathon round at Woronora where the temperatures soared into the high thirties and a number of paddlers struggled with the effects of high exertion in high temperatures. I’m no expert on physiology, so Ive sought information from marathon runners blogs and magazines where the subject has beenRead More →

From July 1, all kayakers need to be wearing a lifejacket at all times. The following advice does not constitute legal advice. The legal references are included below. Read them and refer any questions to Roads and Maritime NSW. Short version… The 100 metre rule is gone. Fines have increased to $250. [updated] The only exception is if you areRead More →