A lesson in applied physics for paddlers who don’t want to spend winter swimming beside their boats Trivia: the connection between movements of the head and counter movements in posture was a major breakthrough by the artists of the Rennaisance period.Read More →

At the risk of giving away a few secrets, here’s a map showing the different paths you might choose depending on the tide. You can select different courses on the map to see which one suits the conditions on the day. It’s worth noting that the low tide course is around 100 metres shorter, which is around 30 seconds forRead More →

Here are the MMP50 2018 GPS tracks from team #111 “The Dawsons”. Kate and Steve Dawson paddled a Sladecraft SLR2 in Mixed Vet 40+ RKL2 (Victorian for LongRec2) and came second on time and second on handicap in a combined time of 29:10:23, breaking the previous record by 56 minutes. This is a very tight track and cuts all ofRead More →