First of all, thanks to Kaye for being there when the online timing threw a wobbly and left me half way through the starts with no clue about who was supposed to go next. The first upset of the day was in the Juniors 1km where Carl pulled a personal best and pipped Lachlan at the line to take firstRead More →

At the risk of giving away a few secrets, here’s a map showing the different paths you might choose depending on the tide. You can select different courses on the map to see which one suits the conditions on the day. It’s worth noting that the low tide course is around 100 metres shorter, which is around 30 seconds forRead More →

A high tide makes all the difference when it comes to choosing a course across the open water between the island turn and the low road bridge. The shortest path will always be a direct line, but beware the shallows once you leave the channel. In lower water levels, the bottom suck will scrub away your speed and leave youRead More →

A good turnout for round three of the time trial with a surprising number of paddlers turning in personal best times despite a low tide. Lachlan continues his run of wins in the junior series but Carl is emerging as contender to be watched over the next few rounds. Junior Results Junior Series Results In the open series, there wasRead More →

Lachlan Stokes continues his winning streak in the junior series with a win in round 2. He’s going to have to watch his back though because there is a new crop of juniors who are on the scenes to shake things up. The first two rounds have been plagued with equipment failures and other dramas, but as the juniors settleRead More →

The tide was high, the sun was shining down, but not too harshly, and there was a great turnout for round one of the 2019 Time Trial Series.A distinct lack of doubles, lots of new paddlers, and a number of experienced paddlers taking advantage of the warm weather to push their boundaries paddling K1s.Ashley and Lachlan have been joined byRead More →