“Happy Birthday Steve! What did you get for your birthday?” they all asked. My response… All I wanted for my birthday was a straightforward start and an orderly finish to the 9th round of the time trial series. Not too much to hope for I thought. Murphy had obviously been listening because no sooner had the juniors started off thanRead More →

Leading off with a correction. Awarding the PB medal on Sunday, I inadvertently mixed up my Gregs and awarded the medal to Greg A for beating Greg Rs personal best time. Kaye spotted my mistake when she was checking the results and we’ve done a countback to confirm the correct recipient, who is not Greg Archibald. Sorry Greg. As theRead More →

Good news for everybody paddling round seven of the time trial on Sunday. The tide will be on it’s way in for the race, so you’ll have a welcome push over the last 300 metres to the finish line. This is also the time of year when we expect to see the competition heat up as paddlers are settling intoRead More →