The first Marathon Race of 2019 was held down the road in Canberra over the weekend. For Sue and I it was the first time we had decided to enter the 20km race in over 3 years, so we were looking forward to seeing how we fared. Leaving just before 6am we took off down the Hume, soon being overtakenRead More →

Lachlan Stokes continues his winning streak in the junior series with a win in round 2. He’s going to have to watch his back though because there is a new crop of juniors who are on the scenes to shake things up. The first two rounds have been plagued with equipment failures and other dramas, but as the juniors settleRead More →

The tide was high, the sun was shining down, but not too harshly, and there was a great turnout for round one of the 2019 Time Trial Series.A distinct lack of doubles, lots of new paddlers, and a number of experienced paddlers taking advantage of the warm weather to push their boundaries paddling K1s.Ashley and Lachlan have been joined byRead More →

It’s that time again… already. The first time trial of the season is on Sunday January 20th. We’ve realigned the calendar this year to have more events in the warmer months of summer and spring. Hopefully that improves our turnout. Registration opens at 8am. Juniors can race the 1km course at 8:30 and the 5km Open event starts at 9am.Read More →

The Inaugural Dolls Point Paddlers 20 Groynes Race was held last Saturday in beautiful conditions.For those who haven’t caught up with what the 20 Groynes was all about, the race was a 6 hour event following a 4 km course from the beach at Dolls Point to the turnaround point at Ramsgate Baths to see how many laps could beRead More →